Preserving companies of Criminal risks

Assisting persons in Criminal procedures

International Financial Crime & Compliance


Practice Areas

Designing your global financial crime framework


Extensive experience of developing and adjusting compliance policies and procedures to comply with international regulatory requirements.


Lecomser helps your organization to eliminate or reduce costs, criminal risks and damage from involvement in bribery


Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists. We help you build the support you need for your AML compliance and financial crime prevention policies and procedures


Adequate academic and professional background to perform the Annual Examination Reports


We guide companies, financial institutions, and semi-public bodies through every stage of complex sanctions proceedings

Tax evasion risk assessment, zero-tolerance policy, training, policies and procedures, action plan and monitoring
Across different financial crime areas and jurisdictions

Protecting you and your business from criminal risks 


Criminal lawyers specialising in white collar crime, criminal procedural law, and an essential advisory service for companies, individual cases and institutions.


Responding to investigations or allegations of wrongdoing. Recognizing the benefits of conducting investigations prior to the filing of formal charges, we conduct pre-indictment investigations and work to prevent the filing of criminal charges.

Helping financial institutions to identify and manage fraud risks and protect their critical assets to their brand, competitive advantage and shareholder value

Prevention of criminal issues in international transactions (at national and global level), merger and acquisitions. Contractual agreements for criminal related services (AML, Sanctions, AB) to ensure that the roles and responsibilities of each party are clearly set out.


Professional advice, training, legal assistance, technical solutions

Our Vision

An integrated financial crime solution for your bussines


The global map of your financial crime risks 

Lecomser is a financial crime firm that offers in-depth experience across all areas of international financial crime and compliance. Our team is highly specialised in the provision of advisory and litigation services dealing with cross-border issues and multiple jurisdictions. Top-level expertise and methodology across the range of complex financial crime cases around the world give us an all-encompassing view of the existing and potential financial crime risks in each situation depending on your business and the countries in which you operate.

Lecom-tech: AI & AML r-evolution
Lecomser integrates Data Analytics to refine the focus on corporate risk
"Big Data is not a problem to be a solved. It is an intermediary step to becoming a smarter company." 

Our Mission


The globalisation of companies and industries implies new applicable regulations for your business, depending on how global industry is or is likely, to become. Firms must build adequate internal control mechanisms and compliance procedures to manage their financial crime risks. Some firms will also have further obligations placed on them by law, depending on the jurisdiction and the industry.

We have worked in companies at a global level over a wide range of industries, and the solutions that we propose consider international regulation and best practices depending on your circumstances: the procedure, person, context, country, jurisdiction and regulation.

Our Solution


In this new era, financial crime involves all sectors of personal, professional and social life, and all sorts of persons: natural and legal. Our global vision, experience, qualified technical knowledge as criminal lawyers and compliance experts, and the integration of technology in our legal approach today make us the most advanced financial crime team involving law, compliance and technology in an international context. 

Let us know who you are: your industry, jurisdiction and context, and we will tell you the applicable regulatory requirements that you need to comply with, and we will assist with their implementation in your company.

Our Values

All of us know the right values: integrity, respect, quality, satisfaction, innovation.

However, our values are not in words, they are in what we demonstrate every day as leaders.

Making changes


Building something different together.

LCS has been conceived to do something extraordinary. A different understanding of financial crime & compliance, adapting regulation to the client's specific requirements in an international context. Listening to understand priorities and concerns. Then providing solutions, after a comprehensive analysis to address your expectations.  

We are committed to your success.

Our purpose is to achieve excellence. The meaning of excellence for us is not our success but your satisfaction. A dedicated, highly-integrated team focused on your specific case will work to find the right solution. Therefore, the starting point for our project is our client's trust, the strongest bond in an enduring relationship.

This is not our job, it is our passion

A team of qualified criminal lawyers and compliance experts studies your business with the enthusiasm and dedication to find the right answer for each client, depending on your circumstances: person, context, country, jurisdiction, regulation, procedure.

Our values follow yours

Talking about your business is more exciting than talking about us, and the only way to discover our values and work is to see us at work! Therefore, we would be delighted if you contacted us so that we can demonstrate our daily commitment to excellence. 


Making values visible

“The real cause of success is always people, not words. If our actions are wise, no one will care if the words on the wall are not perfect. If our actions are foolish, the wonderful words written on the wall will only make us look ridiculous.”

Living the business that we love


Regulatory exposure

MLR 2019
On January 10, 2020, the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (Amendment) Regulations 2019 (MLR 2019) came into force transposing the European Union’s (EU) 5th Money Laundering Directive into UK law. MLR 2019 incorporates international standards set by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) and bolsters Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations following high profile issues such as the Panama Papers exposure and terrorist activities in the past few years

Lecomser will help you to review your AML frameworks to assess compliance with the new obligations set out under AML IV, V AND VI, and to undertake a full and detailed corporate AML policy.

The 5th AMLD entered into force on 10th July 2018, and member states must have amended their national laws, regulations and administrative provisions to comply with this directive by 10th January 2020.


Amendments have been made to the 4th AMLD with regard to: scope; definitions; risk assessment; third-country policy; client due diligence; enhanced client due diligence; beneficial ownership information; reporting obligations; data protection; policies, procedures and supervision. 


The 4th and 5th Money Laundering Directive requires every EU member state to implement a central register containing details of company beneficial owners. We assist with: (i) the information to be filed, (ii) the relevant authority that will maintain the register, (iii) deadlines, (iv) the extent of the information that will be available publicly and (v) implications.


 All corporate entities operating in different jurisdictions − including subsidiaries of multinational companies −  need an adequate programme to prevent, detect and correct all actions that could result in the risk of criminal prosecution/conviction of a corporate entity. Lecomser implements effective programmes to suit your business to avoid criminal liability.


In May 2019, OFAC issued its Framework for OFAC Compliance Commitments, which outlines best practices for complying with sanctions regulations. The OFAC guidance, in line with other recent publications on the issue (notably, The Wolfsberg Group Guidance on Sanctions Screening 2019) – describes sanctions compliance as requiring a full programme or, as Wolfsberg explains, “a programmatic approach.” With our Sanctions expert team, Lecomser is assisting organisations to implement effective SCP -Sanctions compliance programmes. 

Not only OFAC, OFSI recently imposed £20.4 million fine on Standard Chartered Bank for breaching financial sanctions

ISO 37301

Establishing, developing, implementing, evaluating, maintaining and improving an effective compliance management system within an organization. Lecomser assists with the implementation of this new CMS, currently under development. 


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